Single Building or space for Preventive Health Care

Private resting space/room and parking space specially prepared for our customers.

CGH Single Building for Preventive Health Care

Personal Service for International VIP

  • Consulting web page for International VIP: providing online instant message response on your health and health examination concerns.
  • Door to door service: providing international VIPs with door-to-door service from the airport.

Supreme Services

  • All service members must be well trained in etiquette, providing supreme services in every process.
  • Providing one-to-one translator service to every foreign customer.

Full Range Health Examination Service

  • Providing comfortable examination environment.
  • Providing private and comfortable resting space.
  • Personal assistance through out the whole process.
  • Healthy meals well planned by dietitian.

Exam Items

  • Elite half day
  • Excellent all day
  • Dignity images
CGH Single Building for Preventive Health Care

Your Personal Honored Health Care Service

  • Health examinations tailor to your needs by your personal health management team.
  • Your personal nurse practitioner leading you through out the examination process.

Your Personal Health Care Team

  • According to your health examination results, clinical specialist doctors will give the most complete diagnose.
  • Your personal health manager will do follow ups and arrange regular visits.
Your Personal Health Care Team

Instant Solution after Examination

According to your health examination result, medical team will provide the most complete health management plan and prompt solutions; also your personal health manager will give follow-up service.