Medical center teamwork

Customer-centered- Clinical specialist and professional nurses will provide complete diagnosis & consultation.

Time Saving, convenient and fully communication

Making appointment on the phone will save your waiting time.

Fully communicate with primary doctor and arrange alternative examination and check-up.

Time Saving, convenient and fully communication


Comfortable and independent clinical room

Respected personal independent clinic room to discuss disease condition with doctors.
Elegant and comfortable clinic environment, kind and professional clinical specialist, modern medical equipment relax your mood and forget busy.
Exclusive international wards with wireless internet and multi-channeled TV let you soften nervous mood in hospital.

Kind and considerate customer service

Provide Chinese, English and Japanese service.
Personal reservation, accompanying and hospitalization service.
Professional nurses and doctors will trace and monitor test result regularly and help you make appointment with doctors to provide post treatment.

Kind and considerate customer service



Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback



Outpatient and Emergency Services

Clinic Emergency VIP Clinic
* Psychiatry Department: First time appointment NTD 500
Recheck appointment NTD 400
* ENT NTD 450
* Dental Department NTD 350
* Other Department NTD 400
NTD500 Consulting fee NTD1,350

Our hospital adopts to keep account first then pay the bill. If you receive medical expense list during hospitalization time, please go to No.12 or 13 counter on first floor to pay.


Basic Chargesd
Top class bed(1 bed) Ward expense + Doctor fee = NTD6,250/per day
First class bed(2 beds) Ward expense + Doctor fee = NTD3,750/per day
Health care insurance beds(3 beds) Ward expense + Doctor fee = NTD2,490 per day
Burn center NTD17,200 per day
ICU NTD8,100 per day
Pediatric observation ward NTD3,640 per day
Baby Room NTD1,500 per day
Total Daily basic charges + other additional charges