CGH Assisted Reproductive Center

Our Team



Director: Dr. Tsung-Hsuan, Lai

Dr. Tsung-Hsuan, Lai
  • Director of assisted reproductive center and IVF lab, Cathay General Hospital
  • Senior attending physician in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cathay General Hospital
  • Associate professor of Catholic Fu Jen University, School of medicine
  • Clinical assisted professor of the department of medicine, Taipei Medical University
  • The research fellowship of REI, department of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Johns Hopkins
  • The clinical observer of assisted reproductive center in Carnell University
  • ASRM membership
  • ESHRE membership
  • TSRM membership
  • Membership of The Fertility Society of Republic of China
  • Membership of TAMIG
  • Counselor of the R.O.C. society of endometriosis


  • Director of OBGYN, Sijhih Cathay General Hospital
  • Research fellowship of ART center, New York University
  • Clinical assisted professor, Fu Jen University School of Medicine
  • TSRM membership
  • Membership of the R.O.C. Fertility Society


4 technicians with over 15 years experiences and well training from Japan and Singapore organization and the National Taiwan University.



2 consulters with registered nurse license


Co-operation disciplines

Urology and immunology