COVID-19 Video Consultation

Video consultation for 12 years old and above with COVID-positive rapid-test result

The hospital has established a COVID-positive video consultation clinic (After the consultation, please go to T window of the hospital pharmacy to pick-up medication during designated time slot)
(1)Patients to be seen: 12 years old and above and were tested positive through rapid-test kit 
(2)Video clinic hours: Monday, Thursday, Saturday: 09:00~12:00 (please add the clinic Line account to register before 11:30 for morning clinics. If we are unable to reach you during the designated hours, your appointment will be cancelled. Please re-register if needed.) 
(3)Time for medication pick-up: 14:00~21:00 on the day of the consultation, please go to the T window of the pharmacy
(4)Reservation method: Online reservation
     *Please fill out your contact number and residential address.
    *After the online appointment is made, you will need to add the clinic designated Line account to complete the appointment process. The hospital will only provide services during your appointment. After the appointment there will be no service available through Line.
Clinic 401
Please add Cathay General Hospital's video consultation Line account ( 2708212105 )
Line QR Code:

5. Consultation process: complete online appointment → a specialist will contact you on the day of consultation → write down the test date and your first and last name on the rapid-test kit which shows Covid-positive→ take a selfie with your passport → upload the photo → the physician will call you through Line video consultation clinic (please provide the physician with Covid-positive cassette) .

Please ask your relatives or friends to present the patient's passport to collect the medication and billing information at the T window of the pharmacy from 14:00 to 21:00 on the same day → pay the bill with the express self-service billing method (as indicated below at #8) or email us a photo of the credit card authorization letter payment on the same day.

6. If the video consultation is unable to determine if the Covid-positive result is valid, a PCR will be carried out at the Emergency Department and we will cancel your video consultation appointment. 
The emergency registration fee plus the consultation fee are around 1,000 NT, not including medication and examination fees. Self-paid PCR: 6,300 NT.

7. Billing standard: The weekday registration fee and the consultation fee are around 910 NT. The holiday registration fee and the consultation fee are 1,000NT. These two pricings have not included the actual medication and examination fees. 

8. Billing method: self-service bill (only available on the same day) can be paid through Cathay Hospital APP, Jiekou APP, E-Health Pay APP or email the hospital with patient’s credit card authorization

9. If the appointment system shows all available time slots are booked, please choose another date/time for your appointment. 
10. Patients with Covid should wear the mask at all times when going to the screening station. Please do not take public transportation. 
Note: One appointment consultation is meant to only provides video consultation service for one patient. 
If you need to apply for a "Certificate of Positive PCR by Our Hospital" or " Certificate of Diagnosis Determined by Our Hospital's Rapid Screening Positive Outpatient Clinic": If you are under 12 years old, please make an appointment with Pediatric for the certification. If you are over 12 years old , please make an appointment with Family Medicine for the certification.
Video Consultation Appointment

After clicking on the Video Consultation Appointment, please complete the following steps:
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