The Department was established in 1977 under the generous supports from the faculties at the Department of Otolaryngology, National Taiwan University Hospital. Over the years, the Department has developed into a full-service clinical unit with 15full-time staffs.


The Department provides comprehensive services in treating ear, nose, throat, and head/neck diseases, including:

Ear disease: children and adult middle ear infection, congenital ear anomaly, hearing impairment, balance disorder

Nose disease: nasal allergy, sinus infection, nasal deformity, facial trauma, nasal bleeding, and sinonasal cancer

Throat disease: tonsil infection/enlargement, oral ulcer, sleep-breathing disorder, hoarseness, swallowing difficulty

Head and neck disease: neck lump, salivary gland problem, oral cancer screen, throat cancer ,nasopharyngeal cancer

Facial plastic surgery: traumatic and aesthetic nasal frame work surgeries


Patient safety is our top priority. The Department provides high quality clinical services. We maintain minimal surgical complication rates. The average hospitalization day is well below national level at less than 4 days.


The longitudinal patient satisfaction surveys show that the Department enjoys high recognition from our patients. Patient satisfaction of 2014:



Patient safety is our top priority. The Department provides high quality clinical services. We maintain minimal surgical complication rates. The average hospitalization day is well below national level at less than 4 days.


Microscopic and endoscopic surgeries for middle and inner ear diseases
New-born hearing screen
Implantable hearing devices, including cochlear implant, bone-anchored hearing aid, and middle ear implant
Intratympanic injection for intractable vertigo, acute hearing loss

Endoscopic sinus surgery
Navigation surgery
Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy

Microscopic laryngeal surgery
Voice rehabilitation
Head and Neck Cancer:
Major head and neck cancer surgery
Microvascular reconstruction surgery (plastic service)
Integrated cancer care with radiation and hematology oncology

Laser, radiofrequency, and plasma knife surgery:
Use laser, radiofrequency, and plasma knife extensively for nose obstruction, snoring, and lacrimal duct surgeries.

Hearing and balance evaluation:
To diagnose various hearing and vertigo problems, the complete test batteries in the Department audiology laboratory provide comprehensive evaluation for external, middle, and inner ear functions.

The head and neck sonography, together with sono-guided fine needle biopsy, help to identify nature of head and neck diseases.

Narrow-band Imaging:
The narrow-band imaging – based nasopharyngoscope and trans-nasal esophagoscope help to early diagnose upper aero-digestic cancerous lesions.

Da Vinci robotic surgery:
Conduct trans-oral robotic surgeries for oral, hypopharyngeal, and sleep apnea disorders.

Sleep medicine:
Provide comprehensive sleep study (polysomnogram) and a variety of surgical options for patients with obstructive sleep apnea, including: laser, radiofrequency, plasma knife, maxillo-mandibular advancement, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, tongue base resection, and oral appliance (dental service).

Facial plastic surgery:
Provide traumatic and aesthetic rhinoplasty for patients with nasal framework deformity.

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Providing specialized care to meet the population healthcare demands, including:

Hearing services for geriatric patients
Genetic diagnosis and treatment for pediatric patients

Integrated team care for patients with head and neck cancers

Improve connections and synergy among otolaryngology services within Cathay healthcare network.

Enhance globalization efforts to meet the world standard of otolaryngology care.