Medical Aesthetic Center

“Safety” and “Whole care” are the core value of our center. We emphasize the consideration from the customer aspect, to achieve best result based on the individualized plan, and avoid unnecessary surgery. Low complication rate is our well-known merits.

Our services of breast reconstruction center not only focus on the cosmetic breast reconstruction and reduction but also focus on the breast reconstruction after breast cancer treatment and the capsular contracture treatment after breast reconstruction.


Featured Medical Services

  1. Cosmetic Surgery
    1. Double eyelid surgery
    2. Eye bags surgery
    3. Breast reconstruction surgery
    4. Liposuction/ Autologus fat tresplantion
    5. Osmidrosis treatment
    6. Gynecomastia treatment
    7. Correction of inverted nipple
  2. Mini-invasive procedure
    1. Botox injection
    2. Micro autologous fat injection
    3. Ultra skin lifing
  3. Cosmetic laser
    1. Fraxel laser
    2. Vd/ Er laser
    3. Dye laser/ Hemangioma treatment
    4. Intense pulsed light laser
    5. Discovery PICO laser
  4. Hair transplantation cente
    1. FUT (Follicular unit transplantation)
    2. FUE (Follicular unit extraction)